And the Winner of this week’s #SixWordStoryChallenge is…

Kirsty is publishing the next prompt in the morning. I will publish a prompt on 2nd June.


WINNERGood Evening Storytellers,

Fridays bring the conclusion to the Six Word Story Challenge.

This week, I left you the prompt of Mystery. 

If you haven’t had a chance to read through the entries, pop over to the challenge post and read through this week’s submissions.

As usual, you’ve been voting for your favourites for 24hrs. And the joint winners of this week’s Six Word Story challenge are:

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Titanic: Movie Review {20 years later}

Feel so old; something else that I can remember from 20 years ago! I first saw it at the cinema – just the once; it is not often I rewatch films, so I was not one of the people that went to the cinema  countless times to watch it. However, I have rematched it once a few times after I first saw it. Last night I saw Titanic the musical and I think I would watch the film again.

I think the actual story of the Titanic and the mix of characters that was potentially on it, means it has great potential for stories. I think the story of the Titanic film was good.


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Titanic film review

Flamingo Friday

See pink flamingo flatly post for more details. See My Flamingo Obsession post for more details of my growing flamingo collection.
See flamingo yoga post for more flamingo yoga posts

A post about flamingos in Mumbai

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Flamingo flower

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Flamingo Friday Pink Flamingo Flatlay

Flamingos in zoos

My flamingo obsession

I think, can trace the beginnings of the obsession to 2013. A girl I met on holiday in Turkey, had flamingos on her t-shirt had flamingos in a t-shirt. Later in 2013, I saw flamingos in Kowloon Park (Kowloon is an Island 30minute ferry ride from mainland Hong Kong.

I think the first flamingo thing, I bought was a flamingo t-shirt. I now have a range of flamingo objects at home and at work I have this flamingo water cup.

This is my flamingo t-shirt, plus some flamingo socks from Primark.

A flamingo swimsuit £4 from Primark.

Flamingo bag and socks.

Flamingo glass from Ikea. Flamingo bunting which says ‘be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’. The bunting is hung in shed window, it is on top of newspaper article about flamingo products.

A flamingo birthday card received.

Flamingo flatlay. Featuring picnic blanket from Matalan. Picture from B and M. Ikea glass again. Flamingo inflatable cup holder from Poundland.

Flamingo light from Primark.

Flamingo socks and Lucy Locket flamingo leggings (on the Chesterfield wheel).