Book review: Why Men don’t listen and women can’t read maps by Allan and Barbara Pease

An interesting book to read at the start of the relationship and indeed, it was one I found at his. Was going to say on his shelves but, that would not be accurate; as that would be far too organised. Being a biologist it has interesting facts about how humans have evolved. It is interesting from a sociological point of view and can prompt discussion about whether points raised are accurate. I have read aloud parts of the book that we have agreed are of interest.

To avoid saying yet again, that it is interesting; I will mention. It is humour for example, giving humorous scenarios that may happen between couples before going on to explain the science behind. Slightly patronising in places ‘the woman should let man drive without critiquing…’ Overall enjoyable read and the authors have other similar titles.

22nd February, Sheffield

It seems 22nd February is a historic Sheffield day.

Firstly 200years ago on 22nd February 1819 the first canal boats travelled down the new Sheffield canal. To celebrate there is events in Victoria Quays from 11am.

Secondarily, 75 years ago on 22nd February 1944 a plane travelling back from Denmark crashed in Endcliffe Park. Due to avoiding boys playing on the grass and instead crashing into trees tragically killing the crews. One of the boys who’s life was saved is now 82 and he campaigned for the event to be commentated. At about 8.45am on 22nd February there will be a fly pass Ecclesall road, which is being shown live on BBC 1.

The Knife Angel!!

Fantastic to hear about the knife angel from Amelia in Hullwhere the sculpture is currently located. It is good to see following Hull’s recent year as city of culture, that cultural projects are continuing. The post prompted me to see if this sculpture may at somepoint come to Sheffield and it seems it is a possibility.

I would be interested to see how well the knives 🔪 that make up the sculpture are attached. It seems a bit risky that someone could pull a knife out and …. When the point is to highlight knife crime. In answer to Amelia’s question I think, the knife man is holding his arms out to, in a kind of shrug of disparity 🤷‍♂️ to say WHY, do people use knives 🔪 to hurt people?

Amelia in Hull

Hey guys! So this week, I visited Hull city centre with my best friend for a cake at cocoa and a shopping spree. Whilst we were there, we decided to walk around to Queens Gardens to see the Knife Angel. The Knife Angel is an incredible 27 feet tall sculpture in the shape of an angel, crafted from over 100,000 knives. It was created at the British Ironworks Centre in Shropshire and the knives from it were donated to the Ironworks, collected through police force surrender campaigns across the country. The Knife Angel was previously hosted outside Liverpool Cathedral and it’s such an honour for it to travel across to Hull for its residents to marvel at. So in today’s post, I’m going to describe the meaning behind this sculpture and grant you with my first impressions of it.

The Knife Angel has such a powerful meaning behind it. It…

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Change in author of millennium series: review of Girl with Spiders Web (no spoilers)

Due to Steig Larrsson’s untimely death before he knew of the success of his first three millennium books, the subsequent books in the series are being written by a different author. I have read the fourth book in the series by David Largercrantz; the girl in the spider’s web. After reading, I have not ruled out reading more of series however, it was not my favourite of the series. Rather than the author per se; it may have been that the topic was too technical for me and did not engage me; it was about artificial intelligence. That been said I also found level of finical detail in Girl with Dragon tattoo tedious, hence the issue may not be the author and have not ruled out reading more of the series.

Additionally I felt Girl with spider’s web, lacked some of the personal stories of Salander, Blomkvist and Berger such as them relating to each other.

First Date Book Tag

A book tag that makes you think of different types of first dates. Perhapas inspiration for a 6 word story? (See previous post).

For those alone tonight, I’m some of the catergories will remind you not all dates are equal and it seems a fun tag to keep you busy!

Fiction No Chaser

Plain Janes Book TagHi book friends! Happy Saturday! Today we are doing the First Date book tag which we found at Hotshot Headlines but is originally from Thrice Read. Here we go!

The awkward first date – A book where something felt off. It wasn’t a bad book, but lacked that spark for you.

29422091These Rebel Waves– This book could’ve been great. I mean who doesn’t love rebellious pirates? But this story was weirdly religious and just not our cup of tea.

The cheap first date – A book that turned out less than you expected.

32320661Everless – This was a book that stood no chance of living up to the hype for us. Honestly, it kind of grossed us out too much to be great.

Well-prepared first date – A book that was better than expected.

515Ea-bLwCL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_Sky in the Deep – WOW. Talk about over-delivering. Packed full of action, humor, family…

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❣ Valentine❣ 6 word story prompt week commencing Saturday 9th February. Voting Thursday 14th February – Friday 15th February

This week’s prompt is FIRST DATE

I have not written a story … yet. Lookout I may be providing some inspiration on the blog and hopefully coming up with a story … can you write a story in 6 words for the prompt?

Further information

See some tips here!

Words that speak volumes

The challenge was originally created and hosted for several years by Nicola over at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. Myself and Kirstywrites now take in turns to host.

It is a fun, informal challenge. Great for interacting with other micro fiction writers.

How it works:

Each Saturday at 9am (GMT) *on one of our two blogs we publish prompt for you to use to create a six word story.

The challenge closes to entries at 9pm the following Thursday evening (GMT).

A poll will subsequently be posted containing all stories submitted to the challenge. Voting will remain open in this poll for 24hrs and will close at 9pm on Friday evening (GMT). The host has casting vote.

The host publishes a post highlighting top three stories of the week.


We often repost each other’s posts and possibly share prompts and stories on other social media to promote the challenge and the fantastic stories it generates. We use the hashtags 6wordstory or 6wordstorychallenge. Feel free to share our posts about the challenge and your story, but equally this is not mandatory.


  1. Write a story in six words or less inspired by the prompt. It doesn’t have to include the prompt word unless you want it to.
  2. Write your story in the comment section of the post on the host for that week’sblog (rather than on any re blogs A link to a blog post is not an entry.
  3. A blog post and a pingback is not a requirement of the challenge, just your story in the comments, but feel free to add your own blog post if you wish. Remember to use the tag #SixWordStoryChallenge if you do and provide a link to your post.
  4. The winner will be the story with the most votes at the end of the challenge. Votes will only count if cast in the collated poll published on a Thursday evening.
  5. Host announces the winner on their blog.
  6. First, second and third place will have the honour of downloading and using our highly coveted award badges on their blogs should they wish to do so.
  7. In the event of a tie for first, second or third places, I will choose a single story to take the placement. This will be the story I feel best interpreted the prompt and the six word medium.
  8. Only one entry per person please. Multiple entries will be deleted leaving the first submission only.

* N.B it is all times are approximations, we have busy lives alongside blogging